All About Getting Glowy with Glycerin in Skincare

For a long time, we've heard how hyaluronic acid is a major hydrating ingredient in skincare and beauty, but there's another powerhouse ingredient taking over—glycerin. Glycerin isn't a newly found ingredient. It's actually been used for hundreds of years and has been present in various aspects of life, from skincare to cuisine and even soap-making. Let's learn more about glycerin's top-notch benefits. 

What Is Glycerin?

A chemist accidentally discovered glycerin in 1779 and described it as a clear, thick, sweet-tasting compound. For several decades, it was primarily used in making soaps from animal and vegetable oils and fats. No one would have suspected that it would become one of the most beneficial ingredients to grace the skincare industry. It's now used as an important hydrating ingredient that helps the skin to hold on to moisture, leaving it plump and healthy.

Benefits of Glycerin

If you've ever struggled with saggy, dull, and dry skin (like many of us), then a great glycerin-based product might just be what you need. From hydration, locking in moisture, smoothing out wrinkles, and balancing textured skin, glycerin has loads of benefits to offer. Here are its three main benefits:

  1. Hydration is indeed glycerin's primary benefit. It's actively involved in the transport and activity of water-exchanging channels called aquaporins on the skin's surface. These channels control the flow of vital hydrating substances to the skin's upper layers, leaving the skin looking plump, smooth, and supple.
  1. The strengthening and protection properties of glycerin arise from its moisturizing ability. Glycerin fortifies and strengthens the skin's moisture barrier and protects the skin cells from damage. This also leaves the skin looking much more youthful and radiant.
  1. Glycerin enhances the skin's response to other ingredients by improving the penetration of these ingredients into the skin's upper layers.

Glycerin has a long history of being a safe, non-allergenic skin care ingredient that can be used across almost all product types. Experience the power of glycerin yourself in our products:

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